When we refer to 5G we are referring to the millimeter wave.

5G millimeter wave is in the frequency range of 24 GHz (24 billion cycles per second) to 100 GHz (100 billion cycles per second). Although it can go as high as 300 GHz (300 billion cycles per second).

The size of the 5G millimeter wave is between 1 – 10 mm (0.1 – 1 cm).

The microwave has a frequency range of 300 MHz to 300 GHz.

The size of the microwave ranges from 0.03 – 30 cm. At 2.45 GHz the microwave is 12.23 cm.

The North American EMF radiation standards go up to 300 GHz, and allow over 76 V/m peak signal. The safe level is below 0.5 V/m peak signal (BioInitiative and Building Biology).

Currently in Canada as an example, the highest frequency public deployments are 3.5 – 3.8 GHz microwave, and there are commercial deployments up to 39 GHz microwave.

In 2024, the 5G millimeter wave will be launched in the public domain as announced by the Government of Canada (which is in full collaboration with these deployments no different than any other Western establishment government).

So the current frequency levels and exposure may likely be increased by over 100 times from their current extreme levels.

The potentially severe frequencies will create a transhumanist society and world centered on digitalization and AI machines, drones, robots… this potential represents an existential threat to all life forms. That is why we think the globalist unipolar establishment is compromised of psychopaths.

The biological effects of the millimeter wave are discussed in this post:

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