What do we know?

As shown in the photos, 5G antennas are being deployed to existing 4G infrastructure, thereby they are operating in the 4G realm and with a maximum frequency of 3.5 GHz for now (based upon government issued band licenses). There are some locations that are exclusively 5G such as certain arenas.

We anticipate that the 4G infrastructure will be replaced completely by 5G and greater generations, but it is a long, costly process. The 5G millimeter wave travels shorter distances than the microwave used in 2-4G and cellular satellites, and the millimeter wave has difficulty going through objects. So the 5G infrastructure including base stations and small cell antennas need to be in close proximity to each other to maintain a consistent connection for automation such as self-driving vehicles or self-functioning AI drones.

Through 10 to 100 times greater processing speed than 4G, 5G provides the technological basis for the so-called Great Reset aka Fourth Industrial Revolution especially digitization in the form of digital currency and surveillance, and automation.

Independent science has documented in hundreds of studies significant health concerns with 5G EMF radiation to all life-forms that for humanity include psychological health issues, blood and organ disorder, oxidative stress, diabetes, and cancer. There are even studies that date from the 1970’s on the dangers of the millimeter to human health. One of the studies is documented in this NCA article:

Information on 5G You Will Never Hear in the Mainstream

NCA supports a moratorium on 5G deployment in the public realm in order to address these potentially serious health and societal concerns.


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