The Federal Government has budgeted $45 million of your tax dollars from 2019-2022 to “eliminate racism and discrimination.” This goal is right out of the UN Agenda 2030, which Harper adopted and is being implemented by all levels of government.

You can see your tax dollars at work through the Canadian Anti-Hate Network. This Network claims to be independent, but it provides no financial statements to prove its claim.

It should be noted that the Network is run by Bernier Faber who has made career out of labeling Canadians racist and hateful, and pushing pluralism, inter-ethnic/faith/race relations, Amira Elghawaby who is connected to the National Council of Muslim Canadians, which is directly linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, and Evan Balgord, who is a fellow of the Munk School of Global Affairs Fellowship in Global Journalism, which has direct ties to the United Nations and its global world order manifested through UN Agenda 2030.

Recently, this Network published an article declaring that the National Citizens Alliance is a hate group. The malicious slander was based on false information and false equivalency. NCA will be pursuing its legal options.

These are the notable corrections in the article:

FACT: The NCA has zero affiliation with WCAI, and in fact on June 24, 2017 at a media conference, Stephen Garvey condemned WCAI for its racism and hate, and CBC recently retracted a false claim that Garvey was a member of WCAI.

FACT: No member of the NCA was arrested for anything at the June 22, 2019 NCA Information Session in Halifax.

FACT: The NCA is not an “anti-immigration, anti-globalization, and climate emergency denial” platform. Recently, the CBC retracted a false statement labeling the NCA an anti-immigration party. The NCA platform is Canadians First.

Our Policies

FACT: The NCA does not have an anti-Muslim focus. The NCA is opposed to radical extremism including Antifa, KKK, and political Islam.

FACT: The NCA is not racist. There is not a single NCA policy that is racist. The party has zero tolerance for racism. Recently, Michael Arana, an independent journalist who interviewed Stephen Garvey said he is the least racist person he knows. Michael is a coloured Canadian.

FACT: Stephen Garvey attended an Arab festival in Calgary in order to encourage a dialogue between groups in Canadian society. Stephen asked a variety of questions about Arab culture, Canadian culture, multiculturalism, how people came to Canada, and likes and dislikes of Canada.

Here is the article by the Anti-Hate Network:

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