by Stephen J. GarveyNational Citizens Alliance

Sikhs do not like to see proud Whites in their 81% ethnic stronghold in Calgary

The urgency facing European Canadians is more severe than I imagined.

On Friday, March 15, 2019, I published a live video of an ethnic enclave in Calgary on the National Citizens Alliance’s (NCA) Facebook page. This particular ethnic enclave with an 81% visible minority population mirrors almost exactly the demographic reality that Dr. Duchesne and Dr. Kaufmann have been warning about: sustained mass immigration of 200,000 plus since the 1990s is causing the replacement of Canada’s traditional Euro heritage population with third world immigrants. As Dr. Duchesne and Dr. Kaufmann state, if this is allowed to continue unabated, by 2100 visible ethnic minorities similar to this Calgary enclave will become an 80% super majority population, while Canada’s traditional Euro heritage population will be relegated to a 20% minority.

This transformation represents a radical change in the demographic make-up of Canada. According to Dr. Duchesne from his book Canada in Decay (2017), the transformation is unprecedented in world history in that consecutive Canadian federal governments are actually replacing the people they are supposed to serve. In addition, according to Dr. Kaufmann, Canada is undergoing the fastest ethnic change in the Western world.

Through the NCA ethnic enclave video, I was given a rare glimpse into what Canada would look like if this radical demographic transformation occurs. It will not be a hospitable country if you are a European Canadian. You should be alarmed at what may be coming. In my opinion, Canada is heading down a similar path to South Africa, where the Boers are presently being persecuted, robbed, tortured, and murdered with the tacit consent of the SA government and opposition parties under the guise of righting past social wrongs.

It should be noted that according to Dr. Kaufmann, four out of five immigrants coming into Canada are from the third world. Further, it doesn’t matter which establishment party or controlled opposition is in power federally. All these parties support mass immigration of at least 250,000 a year not including illegal migration and chain migration. Case in point, the Stephen Harper regime, which pretended to be nationalist and supportive of old stock Canadians, had historic mass immigration (highest levels in 100 years) from 190 countries with the Philippines, India, China, Islamic Republic of Iran, and Pakistan in the top five of immigrant home countries. In comparison, the Justin Trudeau regime has had historic mass immigration (slightly higher than the Harper regime) from 190 countries with the Philippines, India, Syria, China, and Pakistan in the top five of immigrant home countries.

The NCA ethnic enclave video has received over eleven hundred comments, and many of these comments are by third world immigrants from the enclave or connected to it. Their hostility towards European Canadians is undeniable. It should be acknowledged that most of these immigrants come from utterly ruthless, corrupt countries, where individual and group self-preservation are at the forefront of daily life. Here are some representative comments (profanity and threats have been edited out):

Non-White Immigrants Despise Whites Who Show Pride and Dignity

  • “Go back to Europe. This is Native land. Canada is not belong to you and build by immigrants.”
  • “I am in no way benefiting from the work done by Europeans. Rather, people like me have to help deconstruct all the narratives of white supremacy.”
  • “Immigrants [European Canadians] are those arrived on Indigenous land, and exploited labour and resources, and ethnically cleansed populations.”
  • “Immigrants work harder for their livelihood [than European Canadians]. Most of them don’t waster their earnings on bars, pubs, and casinos.”
  • “You are so privileged as a white individual.”
  • “Canada’s traditional population was native American maybe you racist mother (profanity) should fact check.”
  • “If immigrants leave Canada and you are asked to work in their places, you will not survive. Canada is a country built by immigrants and you have to know that before pushing forward a racist agenda.”
  • “Why did you feel the need to emphasize that European Canadians are a part of Canada’s traditional population? Settler colonialist ideologies rest on racist beliefs while perpetuating a belief that Europeans discovered Canada. It’s racist because you’re literally disregarding the fact that Canada runs largely due to immigration and the innovation and labour they bring with them, not from the mass methods of social control and ethnic cleansing you’re trying to portray as normal.”
  • “Traditional population would not at all refer to European Canadians! Europeans were the ones who colonized Canada and took over the homes of many Native Americans!!!”
  • “Why care about Canada’s demographic reality? Just embrace it. It was a white male that slaughtered 49 people in NZ should we ban all white people? No thats absurd. Who are you to strike a discussion on what Canada demographic realities should be. This platform you’ve chosen is wrong and implies hateful rhetoric.”
  • “All your forefathers did was steal land from natives, and i aint no (profanity) guest, im a Canadian citizen.”
Today, in 2019, it is far worse: Canadian cities are becoming massive Ethnic Enclaves where Whites are hated.
  • “My grandparents were born here…My grandfather fought in World War 2 to keep this a free country…They fought for us NOT YOU!!. The Europeans built this country and made it the envy of the world…” Response: “I am afraid the school system has failed you you racist ignorant stupid idiot maybe you should educate yourself because you are a cancer to society.”
  • “Not about race at all right when you echo the same sentiments that terrorist who murdered 50 people at the NZ mosques did? Looks like you have borrowed several pages from his manifesto. You need to be on a watchlist.”
  • “You are talking about a conspiracy theory of demographic change with brown people taking over. Maybe you should talk about the continuing genocide of indigenous people on this land. You are just spewing white nationalist vitriol…”
  • “We do not believe extreme multiculturalism is conducive to national unity…. nor do we believe the expansion of ethnic enclaves is good for Canada because they encourage division, non-integration, and extremism….” Response: “What his guy is spewing amounts to cultural cleansing. But what you have is a bunch of immigrants [Europeans] who took up residence in a land staked a claim on it and called it theirs when it was already inhibited by indigenous people. And now don’t want any others to come in, because they are afraid of what their ancestor did may get done to them. I don’t blame you, I’d be afraid of karma too.”
  • “I wish you would say this to my face whiteboy.” (in response to the video.)
  • “You all are a bunch of racist (profanity) this country would be nothing without immigrants let’s not forget Canada does not belong to white people and it never did.”

The comments are evidence of the dark reality not far off in the horizon for European Canadians, First Nations, Inuit, and Metis, if this radical replacement is not stopped.

Speaking About Population Replacement of Whites = Terrorism

As if the sentiment in these comments weren’t enough, the media on a daily basis fuels third world immigrant populism and the growing divide between Euro-Canadians and third world immigrants. As an example, in a 2 ½ minute news video CityTV makes a false equivalency between the NCA ethnic enclave video and the recent New Zealand mass murder by pointing out that the “disturbing” notion of population replacement is mentioned in both cases. CityTV further tries to falsely tie white nationalism and far-right extremism to NCA’s video with the result that only more division and fear are created, despite the fact that the NCA video doesn’t contain a single derogatory comment towards visible minorities.

Further still, on March 21, 2019, the federal government announced that it is expediting legislation to remove “hateful and extremist” online content and “toxic communication” that “incites violence” and harms “social cohesion” including assertions to “replace” and “subjugate white people.” Also, the government encourages all social media companies to censor anyone or any group that mentions population replacement. In the words of Public Safety Minister, Ralph Goodale: “This has been a subject of discussion among ministers at the Five Eyes meetings and at the G7 meetings where ample discussion has been held on how we encourage the social media platforms to move quickly and efficiently to deal with toxic communications like this [assertions to “replace” and “subjugate white people”] that incite violence and hatred and obviously do great damage to social cohesion.” Again, there is a false equivalency being drawn between established facts on demographics/population replacement and the recent New Zealand mass murder.

Welcome to Canada’s growing censorial Orwellian dictatorship.

I hope this information will be a wakeup call to all Canadians in regard to the dire threat that looms in our future. The National Citizens Alliance of Canada supports a national dialogue on Canada’s demographic reality and immigration policies. We do not believe that Canada and its future should be dictated by the establishment and its multi-controlled opposition.

National Citizens Alliance is the only federal party running in 2019 that supports an end to mass immigration by reducing immigration to 50,000 or less in total per year, and a stop to the replacement agenda. NCA’s success can only be derived from the support of the Canadian people. Please heed our warning and join our efforts. The future of our children and their children are literally in the balance.

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