Russia is leading the way with the brilliant idea of backing or pegging the Ruble to a basket of Russia’s main commodities: oil, natural gas, gasoline, heating oil, gems, diamonds, gold, silver, iron, steel, wheat, fertilizer, wood etc.,

These commodities represent real wealth, and therefore they will reflect true value of Russia’s wealth rather than based on mere sentiment as with fiat currencies (backed by no real wealth). At same time, a Ruble backed by commodities will avoid reckless fiat currency creation, which has sunk Western nations in growing, unsustainable debt.

In addition, a Ruble backed by commodities will further undermine the US reserved currency and the unipolar bully monopoly. As more countries adopt a similar monetary approach the further the US reserved currency will cease to be, resulting in a shift from a unipolar world to a multi-polar world.

“After the war in Ukraine, money will not be the same, said Pozsar describing the history of the Bretton Woods monetary order. The investment strategist is betting on commodities, including gold.

“From the Bretton Woods era backed by gold bullion, to Bretton Woods II backed by inside money (Treasuries with un-hedgeable confiscation risks), to Bretton Woods III backed by outside money (gold bullion and other commodities),” he stated.”

The Western deep state sanctions on Russia are accelerating the shift, while hurting the everyday Westerner with growing inflation:”

“If you believe that the West can craft sanctions that maximize pain for Russia while minimizing financial stability risks and price stability risks in the West, you could also believe in unicorns,” he said. Pozsar sees the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) playing a pivotal role here — it can sell Treasury bonds and buy Russian commodities or pursue quantitative easing (QE) to buy Russian commodities. According to the report, either of those will cause higher inflation in the West.”

In image 1 at the top, the Ruble is gaining in strength compared to the US$, and by backing the Ruble with a basket of commodities, it may become the strongest international currency.

In image 2 above, the Euro continues to weaken versus the US$, which is reflective of the negative impact of Western sanctions. With an embargo of Russian oil in a planned 6 months will only weaken the Euro further while paradoxically strengthen the Ruble through soaring commodity prices.

Canada is a lost cause with no gold reserves and massive foreign ownership of its resources, and a deep state establishment and delusional multi-controlled political class obsessed with global governance NWO.

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