Harsh Reality of the Unipolar Rules Based World Order

The Ukrainian Proxy War has exposed a lot about this Order.

Order implies control.

The Unipolar Order is being administered and enforced.

Those individuals and organizations who challenge the Order, whether internally or externally, will face consequences. The Canadian truckers is a good example of this as people were fined, imprisoned and accounts frozen for simply protesting, and geopolitically Iran, Soviet Union, Russia, China, Cuba, Panama, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Vietnam, and other countries have faced the wrath of the Order.

In Ukraine, we have seen that the agenda of the Order trumps all, including Russian national security and sovereignty.

We have seen that the notions of human rights, sovereignty, democracy, and fundamental freedoms do not apply to this Order itself.

So this Order comprised of the US deep state and its deep state followers from the EU, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, and NATO as a military arm masked as a defensive organization has contradicted wantonly the values it claims to represent. Here are some examples from Ukraine:

In 2014, the National Endowment of Democracy, an extension of the CIA, spearheaded the topple of the elected Ukrainian government.

Since 2014, the US deep state and its offshoots have funded, armed, trained Ukrainian military and neo-Nazi forces to inflict terror on the people of Donbass. To this day, the terror continues with constant artillery strikes on Donetsk City and even the use of banned cluster munitions known as butterflies or petals. The Western deep state media, part of the Order, has been silent. Imagine if Russia engaged in this terrorism.

The Ukrainian regime has banned opposition political parties, imprisoned leaders of these parties, targeted independent media and journalists… with some these people arrested or murdered… the Western deep state media is silent.

In addition, the Ukrainian military has launched attacks on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear facility, the largest in Europe (six nuclear reactors). (Images above). Desperation by the losing side? Not surprisingly, Russia is blamed in the Western deep state media. How far will the Order go?

Further, the Ukrainian military has committed war crimes by maiming and killing Russian prisoners of war, using civilians as human shields, using civilian areas for military forces, and even bombed a Donetsk prison housing Ukrainian neo-Nazis, killing 53 and wounding 75.

Furthermore, the US deep state has used Ukraine and other Eastern European countries to create bioweapons. Thirty US bioweapon labs have been identified throughout Ukraine.

Our point is that the current rules based Order is fundamentally tyrannical, and therefore, this Order like those previous to it will fail.

At NCA we realize that many Canadians are uninformed and misinformed about the realities as indicated by their slavish obedience to the multi-controlled political establishment, which is harming them and putting their future in peril.

Therefore, all we can do at NCA is continue to raise awareness, until a critical mass is ready to reclaim the country and whatever may be left of it.

If you want to help us, please share, become a member, international member, make a tax deductible donation… obviously, with the sinister Great Reset agenda in the works, the situation is serious.

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