Protesters are not who they pretend to be.

The mainstream media has been devoting a considerable amount of time covering the story about how the RCMP are trampling on the rights of First Nations Wet’suwet’en protesters led by Hereditary Chiefs in British Columbia.

National Citizens Alliance decided to do some digging into the views of Wet’suwet’en First Nations people behind the scenes to see how much truth there was to what was being reported in the mainstream, considering how media outlets today seem to seldom present a fair and balanced view of events.

Anyone who has been following our party is aware of how NCA has been misrepresented in “the news”.

The protest scenario has now spilled over into mass demonstrations in Toronto that blocked traffic, as well as a blockade of the VIA rail line between Ontario and Quebec.

So, who are these protesters?

We found a politically and historically savvy Wet’suwet’en blogger “JLS Reports” for a backgrounder on the issues and were quite shocked to find that the people purporting to be Hereditary Chiefs are nothing of the sort.

The same thing happened as a PR stunt by John Ridsdale, who actually is one of the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs when he took to Smithers Main street flanked by two people who were not chiefs at all, the one was Antoinette Gagnon, to make it appear like a promo for female chiefs, and the other was also Rob Alfred, also not a chief.

We contacted JLS to comment on this recent article.

“Molly Wickham, a.k.a. Sleydo’, has been an articulate spokesperson for Wet’suwet’en Nation members and their allies who are fighting the Coastal GasLink pipeline.”

JLS reports:

“Let me begin with the top of the article, is a picture of Molly Wickham, who is not even a Wet’suwet’en but rather half white, and the other half is Stellat’en/Gitxsan. Zero Wet’suwet’en but they adopted her based on her record as a protestor. The name she uses or was given to her is a non-existent name created for her. She describes herself as a Hereditary chief again wrong. There are only 13 Hereditary Chiefs.

Let me steal a quote from a Wet’suwet’en (Candice George) granddaughter of the former Chief Smogelgem who testified at the Delgamuukw trail (Land claims in Supreme Court)

There are 13 hereditary names within 5 clans. There are 2-3 house chiefs within each clan.

Business is conducted within our Balhats, our potlatch system. That’s the only time regalia is supposed to be worn, in the Balhats.

In the past, hereditary chiefs never took names from another sub house, if they are not born to the matrilineal lineage of that house.

In the past, our Hereditary chiefs never asked for monetary donations, if they ever needed help they always paid their debt back in the Balhats.

In the past, our hereditary chiefs were strong in their teachings of RESPECT, PEACE, UNITY.

Wet’suwet’en laws have been in place since time immemorial for the purpose to keep the peace.

In the past, new pet name/baby name chiefs weren’t spokesmen, only the hereditary chiefs (listed below) were spokesmen.

In the past, hereditary chiefs did not disregard or dishonour matriarchs if they had any differences.

In the past, they were amazing with conflict resolution because they followed our Wet’suwet’en law.

They also have always encouraged our children to get their education so they can learn to paddle our own canoe

I did a copy paste as the information is correct as it was passed on to me also from forgone elders. So clearly Molly has no place in the business of the Wet’suwet’en society.

This has now become a money scam, yesterday alone their assets in GoFundMe went up by 40 Thousand Dollars.

As for the full exclusion zone today, it was due to spikes being planted in the roadway after police had to bulldoze a barricade of autos used to block the police from bringing out the arrested people.

As of today, I cannot confirm the numbers yet but it looks like 11 were arrested today at the 27KM mark on the Morice Forest service road, and 4 yesterday that will be appearing in Smithers Court this Monday.”

For further reference readers should take note of JLS’s post on the law regarding land claims and who is entitled to make them.

“One of the first arguments we keep seeing in both social media and the press is those who support the chiefs making the erroneous claim that only the Hereditary Chiefs have the authority to negotiate land claims. It appears that they think the more they say it the more it becomes the truth, however its far from the truth.”

“In the eyes of the only court that counts the Supreme Court of Canada, those who created the authority remain irrelevant (elected band offices were created by Canada), the only law that matters is the one the Supreme Court of Canada goes by, in DELGAMUUKW V. BRITISH COLUMBIA it ruled the power belongs to the people, not to selected chiefs. It never mattered who created an elected authority on reserves, what does matter is its democratic, its the will of the people.”

So what does protester Molly have to say?

“Everything that they’re doing here is illegal, not only against Wet’suwet’en law but under their own law—under the constitution, the Section 35 rights of Indigenous people, the UNDRIP,” she insisted. “All of those things are in addition to breaking and violating Wet’suwet’en law.”

We were wondering when the UN would be mentioned in all this.

So far we’ve established what the law really is, that Molly isn’t Wet’suwet’en and that there are financial motives at play.

Since writer Vivian Krause exposed the lobbying of George Soros’ Tides Foundation to halt oil sands development and pipeline construction in Alberta we were rightfully suspicious regarding what role Tides might have in trying to prevent Coastal Gas Link from developing this project as well.

More on the Tides interference in Alberta here

Another player appears to be West Coast Environmental Law. It supports the kind of agendas you’d expect to find in todays miasma of “environmentalism” that support UN Agenda 2030.


Program support from private, community and family foundations remains a crucial component of our overall funding. West Coast is honoured by the long-standing and diverse partnerships of our foundation funders. This past year, we were supported by foundations from across Canada and the United States, including:

  • Oak Foundation
  • Real Estate Foundation of BC
  • Tides Foundation
  • WestWind Foundation”

JLS confirms “As for foreign funding it should be noted that in the last few days they netted an average of about 40 Thousand a day. As for the Office of Wet’suwet’en they did receive direct payments from the Tides Foundation, as well as indirect via other named organizations like Skeena Wild, the SierraClub, Bulkley Valley Research Center, Skeena Knowledge Trust, RSBC Rivershed Society of British Columbia, and Save the Bulkley. Locally its the membership of the Green Party that are members of all these groups, its the same cases showing up for every protest, and they love using their own kids as youth props. I have thousands of collected files, among them somewhere I have one that shows a number in audits done for the Office of Wet’suwet’en showing substantial amounts coming directly from the Tides Foundation. The SierraClub,even did a phone campaign as well as paid to get Taylor Bachrach elected as the MP for the NDP, Taylor was formerly the Communications Director for Sierra Club BC and has a strong alliance with the Office of Wet’suwet’en.”

It should be noted that the “Office of the Wet’suwet’en” has a convoluted history, described here

We mentioned earlier that cross-Canada protests were being organized and found the individual responsible for many of them.

So who is Harsha Walia?

Harsha Walia is a South Asian activist and writer based in Vancouver, unceded Coast Salish territories, British Columbia, Canada.[1] She is known for her organizing work with No One Is Illegal, the February 14th Women’s Memorial March Committee, the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, and several Downtown Eastside housing justice coalitions.[2][3] She has been active in migrant justice, Indigenous solidarity, feminist, anti-racist, and anti-capitalist movements for over a decade.[1] Walia is a frequent guest speaker at campuses and conferences across North America and has delivered numerous presentations to the United Nations.[4] She is the author of Undoing Border Imperialism (2013) and has contributed to over thirty academic journals, anthologies, magazines and newspapers.[1]

One has to wonder how Ms. Walia, as a self-proclaimed feminist, seems to be patently ignoring the elephant in the room: the very well-documented denial by First Nations men of the historical/traditional rights of the Wet’suwet’en matriarchal lineage.

It is all documented in JLS’s post here.

The big picture here is one of a UN/Tides Foundation (et al) collaboration employing professional protesters and the financing of a protest that is opposed by 85% of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation.

(JLS reports “As for our numbers we used, it was based on the Witset election results, they in turn were all candidates who were either for or against the project.

The leaders of the anti CGL including Freda Huson did very poorly and only captured about 15% of the vote. Somewhere they also did a survey (by the band) and come up with a similar result.”)

Finally, here are the audited statements of the Wet’suwet’en Treaty Office Society showing Tides Foundation financing.

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