By Stephen J. Garvey

Throughout Canada there is a growing turmoil, fissure between traditional Canada and globalist Canada. Canadian globalists who adhere to the Liberal International Order including the United Nations, World Bank, IMF, and International Banking Cartel are using a number approaches such as

  • political correctness
  • hate speech laws
  • new migrants and refugees in the form of third world migrant populism
  • multi-controlled political opposition
  • mainstream media
  • cultural Marxism
  • historical revisionism
  • identity politics
  • crude archaic political divisions like left/right, liberal/conservative

to distract, divide, suppress, and ultimately annihilate traditional Canada.

Third world migrant populism is about empowerment of new migrants to Canada by putting them first in terms of rights, benefits, and employment opportunities over traditional Canadians. In addition, these migrants are empowered through pseudo intellectual justification that traditional Canadians have no claim to the country, despite the historical fact identified by Dr. Duchesne in Canada in Decay that pioneers, settlers, and nation-builders (as opposed to immigrants) created Canada in terms of its infrastructure, and legal and educational systems.

In the article, “It Will Be Illegal To Talk About “Great Replacement” Of White Canadians”, I showed through on the ground reality the real threat to traditional Canada. As a Canadian citizen, I documented legally an ethnic enclave in North-East Calgary only to be vilified falsely in the mainstream media as a racist, white nationalist, and potential terrorist in line with the New Zealand terrorist. How dare me to enter a visible ethnic minority community and document it. The contempt and racism by members of this enclave was remarkable and a clear, undeniable warning to traditional Canadians. I was on the other side of the fissure.

As the fissure in Canada grows, the danger is that it will tilt heavily against traditional Canadians. Already in Toronto and Vancouver, visible ethnic minorities are majority populations. With sustained mass migration that is not mentioned in its totality by the mainstream parties and media, Canada is on a trajectory for not only 100 million population by 2100, but also as Dr. Kauffman and Dr. Duchesne show the literal replacement of Canada’s traditional population: by 2100, 80% visible ethnic minority versus 20% traditional Canadian. Currently, traditional Canadians are around 77% of the total population as compared to 23% for visible ethnic minorities, but the demographic reality is changing fast. In my estimation, if visible ethnic minorities reach 50% plus like in Toronto and Vancouver already, then this will be the breaking point. There is time to deal with the dark clouds already forming, but at the same time it is becoming more urgent.

The reality of Canada’s crisis is showed clearly by two facts.

The first fact is that the mainstream parties and media have been deceiving the Canadian people about the number of migrants entering Canada. It is reported by the Government of Canada and mainstream media that around 300,000 to 350,000 are entering Canada annually, and then you have Bernier pretending he is going to reduce it to 150,000 after claiming to reduce it to 250,000. The reality is that in 2019, 950,949 migrants are targeted to enter Canada. This total includes foreign temporary workers, student permit holders, and the International Mobility Program. For anyone who thinks naively that this is solely about Trudeau and the Liberal Party you are grossly mistaken. As an example, the Harper regime in 2015 let in 728,726 migrants into Canada. Below in the chart are the total migration intake numbers of the mainstream parties as compared to the NCA based upon policy or the lack of:


Total Migration Intake Per Year (2019 baseline)


Moratorium with no end date followed by 50,000 or less











It should be noted that like the Conservative Party, Bernier touts temporary foreign workers and that immigration is good for the economy (despite most economists saying the contrary). So it is safe to assume that Bernier’s numbers are really in line with the other mainstream parties of 950,949. Surely, we are not fooled by another establishment career politician saying what he thinks Canadians want to hear merely to get into power? Remember Trudeau in 2015? This enormous migration intake helps explain the dramatic demographic transformations occurring in communities across Canada, which I will discuss later in the article.

The second fact is that the mainstream parties are scheming a way to counter the rise of populism and nationalism in the European Union and United States of America, and gradually in Canada through NCA and other like-minded true populist, nationalist parties. Along with mass migration and its cover up by the mainstream parties and media, the mainstream parties are pursuing a globalist backdoor wide open borders agenda behind the scenes: CANZUK.

This proposed globalist bloc of commonwealth countries, CANZUK, presents an existential threat to the sovereignty of Canada and a direct if not fatal assault on traditional Canada. The proponents of CANZUK say openly that it is a counter to the rise of populism and nationalism, and for the protection of the Liberal International Order. Although Canadians would be able to move freely to other commonwealth countries under CANZUK, people from other commonwealth would be able to move freely into Canada. These countries include Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Rwanda, Cameroon, Sri Lanka, and Sierra Leone. Even if CANZUK remained just Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom, then all the extremists in the United Kingdom and New Zealand, as examples, could move freely into Canada, and we all know that the United Kingdom is societal turmoil with through epidemic rapes, grooming gangs, acid attacks, knife attacks (which are so prevalent carrying a knife is banned in the City of London), terrorist cells, and spread of sharia courts.

As of 2018, CANZUK is official policy of the Conservative Party, and the Liberal Party through Trudeau’s comments supports it, and Bernier consistent with his globalist trade TPP, open borders agenda says he supports the trade aspects of CANZUK while ignoring the bloc aspects as if no one would notice the contradiction. The NCA stands fully opposed to CANZUK, which as mentioned, is a direct assault on Canada’s sovereignty through wide open borders and a top-down bureaucratic monstrosity similar to the E.U. Parliament in Brussels.

On the Ground Reality

A few weeks ago I attended an Arab Cultural Festival in Calgary. My purpose was to create a dialogue with members of that community, which I normally don’t associate with, and document the contents. I believe dialogue is a path to greater understanding and unity, and a way to eliminate prejudices and falsities. Unlike my visit to the Calgary NE enclave, I was on neutral ground in downtown Calgary. I interviewed six members of the Arab community, and what ensued showcased the growing fissure in Canada. The last dialogue I had that day was with two men from Yemen who became combative as the men did not like my questions, and this division spiralled into social media and threats over the phone directed at NCA and myself.

The video of the dialogue entitled “What is This Migrant Hiding?” which generated over 600 comments on the National Citizens Alliance Facebook page, many of which were deleted and persons blocked for violating the NCA basic code for participation.

NCA migrant hiding.jpg

Many of the comments were from the Canadian Arab community and were directed negatively at traditional Canadians, demonstrating unequivocally their contempt for them. In addition, government attacks on traditional Canadians and their treatment of Aboriginal Peoples were parroted by the migrants. Here is a sample of the more egregious comments though not the most extreme:

Shehab Mansour · 0:02 The intent of this video is very clear showing premeditated racist ideals that were portrayed in statements and questions such as “you came as a refugee or”. This assumption was formulated by Stephen Garvey off of no prior knowledge except for the fact that these people came from Yemen to live in Canada, which can’t be described in any other way but racial profiling…

Shehab Mansour · 0:00 in reply to Nelson Bradley … Many immigrants from all over the world have respected jobs and have left a positive impact on Canada, offering knowledge and experience that is unrivalled. Using the word “assimilate” to describe what you believe immigrants should do as they enter Canada sounds extremely similar to the barbaric way of thinking that lead to residential schools all over Canada with the motive of “assimilation”.

Ahmed Alsqqaf · in reply to Nelson Bradley just remember that we never tried to force anything on you if you can give me one example then you’ll be right but I don’t think you can but I can though. Remember residential schools? Schools that were created by christians to force First Nations into your believes

Ibrahim Aladdin · Everyone here is immigrant, even Stephen Garvey himself.

Maria Al-Masani · 0:01 in reply to Ibrahim Aladdin all it is that infertile people, with self inflicted infertility since their cultural values are about breaking down their family unit have to import fertile people to pay their pensions. Infertile people who can’t get laid or married are jealous of us fertile Arabs who have no problem getting married and having kids. Infertile people are upset their race is dying out because their cultural values promote infertility and then are jealous that our values as Arabs and Muslims promote fertility. So we are having kids and they don’t.

Ibrahim Aladdin · in reply to Maria Al-Masani It’s not easy to give hp addiction. And thy are late, most Canadian I know are married from Overseas, and can’t stop telling how happy they are.

Maria Al-Masani · 0:00 in reply to Ibrahim Aladdin I think its better that they went back to church and learned how to be attractive people who others want to marry and then teach that to others so white people have more kids, so they stop being so jealous They are just nervous that whites became an endangered species after they left the church and went all progressive and had to import religious people because we have families and are able to form families.

In a second video, a man from Iraq who entered Canada on a student visa and then applied successfully for refugee status while in Canada articulated the division in Canada between traditional Canadians and globalists, and that it is too bad for traditional Canada because globalism, open borders, global citizenry are the way forward. His argument for the transformation of Canada was premised simply on that we are all human beings, while ignoring Canada’s traditional identity, heritage, and the importance of ethnicity as a glue of communities, society, and the country as a whole. This globalist mindset is being perpetuated by the establishment including the mainstream parties, media and academia, and it reflects third world migrant populism. See the comments on the video as well as from 5:39 to 10:44 in the video: “Canada has no distinct culture” “identify as national Canadian or a human being”, “global citizenry is the way forward”…

NCA threat to traditional Canada.jpg

A week after visiting the Arab Cultural Festival, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network declared publicly that the National Citizens Alliance is a hate group. The Network cited among other things the visit to the Arab Festival as one justification for this label:

“Garvey attended the Arab Festival in Calgary last weekend where he livestreamed himself asking attendees where they came from and their immigration status.”

NCA antiracism .jpg

The Federal Government has budgeted $45 million of Canadian tax dollars from 2019-2022 to “eliminate racism and discrimination.” This goal is right out of UN Agenda 2030, which Harper adopted and is being implemented by all levels of government.

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network claims to be independent, but it provides no financial statements to prove its claim.

It should be noted that the Network is run by Bernier Faber who has made a career out of labeling Canadians racist and hateful, and pushing pluralism, inter-ethnic/faith/race relations, Amira Elghawaby who is connected to the National Council of Muslim Canadians, which is directly linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, and Evan Balgord, who is a fellow of the Munk School of Global Affairs Fellowship in Global Journalism, which has direct ties to the United Nations and its global world order manifested through UN Agenda 2030.

The threat to traditional Canada is real and growing. It is important to remember that this threat is not about migrants themselves. It is about the future of Canada and the life our children and their children will inherit. The warning signs are here if you are open just as they are in the E.U., U.S.A, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

You have a choice. Do you support traditional Canada or do you support the globalist takeover of Canada? What are you doing to make your choice reality?


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