The recent Facebook deplatforming of political commentator Faith J. Goldy naturally sent her and a number of her followers into a Twitter flurry of Liberal Party media censorship denunciations, all of course to be anticipated in view of the multi-million dollar buyout of the mainstream media, not to mention Justin Trudeau’s courting of Facebook and its new Montreal-based HQ for AI development.

Faith Goldy with Andrew Scheer (above) and with Ontario Premier Doug Ford (below).

The recent Facebook deplatforming of political commentator Faith J. Goldy naturally sent her and a number of her followers into a Twitter flurry of Liberal Party media censorship denunciations, all of course to be anticipated in view of the multi-million dollar buyout of the mainstream media, not to mention Justin Trudeau’s courting of Facebook and its new Montreal-based HQ for AI development.

Most people will be familiar with Goldy’s recently failed Toronto mayoralty campaign amid media accusations of her being a “white supremacist” after having conducted what her then-employer, The Rebel Media claimed were “unauthorized” interviews with “far-right” activists she called “patriots” during the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” demonstrations.

While anyone with a modicum of political awareness will agree that the Cultural Marxist slant of our current government’s policies and its bought mainstream media is virtually impossible to ignore, it’s time to start thinking more analytically about the less obvious gamesmanship that is occurring.

At face value — and who can dispute her very “in-your-face-with-my-face” Goldy video style — Faith Goldy has become very adept at convincing viewers that she is some avant-garde champion of Euro-Canadians (we run-of-the-mill white Canadian folks) and even interviewed Dr. Duchesne on February 18th of this year regarding his 2017 study Canada in Decay. The question I’d like to ask is What took you so long?

This was followed on March 30, 2019 with a 4.5 minute video entitled Race Against Time mirroring a very well researched article by National Citizens Alliance Leader Stephen J. Garvey that was published on the Council of European Canadian’s Blog on March 25, 2019 entitled It Will be Illegal to Talk About the Great Replacement of White Canadians.

Coincidental? I don’t think so, but you can judge for yourself.

It appears Ms. Goldy also wrote a post for the Council of European Canadians in November 2018 about the deservedly maligned UN Migration Compact. However awful that agreement is, it’s a soft target when compared to UN Agenda 21 (which gave rise to the “climate change” narrative that underwrites the rationale for the carbon tax) signed by Conservative PM Brian Mulroney in 1992, and UN Agenda 2030 which provides for the takeover of Canada by a UN Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) signed by Conservative PM Stephen Harper in 2015.

The Rebel Media was founded in 2015 by former (Conservative) Sun News Media employees Ezra Levant and Brian Lilley. On its Board was one Hamish Marshall, who is currently Conservative Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer’s Campaign Manager. (Source:

Marshall “has an MBA from Oxford, and describes himself as a “strategist, pollster and demographic expert.” He once managed strategic planning for former prime minister Stephen Harper, and served as Harper’s pollster for the Tories’ winning 2008 federal campaign.” The article also reveals that Marshall worked for Brian Jean in 2017, once leader of Alberta’s Wildrose Party, in his bid for leadership of the United Conservative Party (UCP). Marshall is typified as an expert in “the highly technical art of collecting and exploiting data on supporters and voters”.

Andrew Scheer is quoted “And Hamish and I ended up lining up the same on a lot of issues, and strategically on how to present ourselves.”

The same article fails to mention Faith Goldy by name (a deliberate omission?) as The Rebel reporter who was ceremoniously fired for her comments during her coverage of the highly publicized Charlottesville incident that was instrumental in propelling her to social media prominence for the first time in her “career”.

You may note a similarity in the way Jordan Peterson gained media notoriety…

There is a common thread joining Hamish Marshall, Ezra Levant, Andrew Scheer and Faith Goldy and it’s rooted in the Shakespearean adage: Methinks the lady doth protest too much! Despite their obvious Conservative roots and common interactions, they have all engaged in highly publicized spectacles of denunciations of one another. Marshall claims he severed ties with Levant and The Rebel, Levant publicly fires Goldy from The Rebel (while claiming she was his fave reporter), Goldy denounces Levant and The Rebel, Scheer claims he won’t allow The Rebel to interview him any longer despite a previously warm relationship with Goldy (who has also posed in photo ops with Ontario Premier Doug Ford).

Never fear however, the false Left vs. Right narrative duly kicks in with the “how come you’re not denouncing…?” narrative from the Globalist Liberal Party.

Not long after Faith Goldy’s Facebook account was cancelled, the following appeared on the Liberal Party website:

OTTAWA, ON – Just minutes after Faith Goldy was banned by Facebook and Instagram for “spreading hate,” Faith Goldy urgently went online to encourage supporters to “go run sign up for your EDAs go make sure that our guys win within your various ridings.” (, Faith Goldy, YouTube, April 8, 2019)

EDAs (Electoral District Associations) are the local associations of members of a political party.

“Faith Goldy has been a long-time booster of Andrew Scheer, so it’s deeply troubling that after getting banned by Facebook, she is encouraging her supporters to infiltrate a political Party,” said Omar Alghabra, Liberal MP for Mississauga Centre. “I’m calling on Andrew Scheer to clearly state that he won’t tolerate anyone like Faith Goldy, or those who spread hate, in the Conservative Party.

“Canadians applauded Facebook’s decision to ban hate promoters. It’s high time thatAndrew Scheer followed their example and addressed the lingering questions around his tolerance for such groups and individuals. Mr. Scheer needs to disavow and denounce Ms. Goldy and white supremacist groups without equivocation,” said Alghabra, while pointing to the numerous connections between Andrew Scheer and Faith Goldy. Scheer and Faith Goldy spoke at the same rally on Parliament Hill in February ( Goldy attended and endorsed Scheer at his Leadership convention:”Andrew Scheer is a 38 year old man. He’s younger, he’s hipper, he’s fresher than the Prime Minister that we now have. And frankly, he’s much more authentic. And if the mainstream media has a problem with the so-con wing of the party, tough luck guys!” ( Scheer appeared on Faith Goldy’s YouTube channel when he was running for Conservative Leader, and promised to go duck hunting with her (’s Campaign Manager co-founded Rebel Media, which employed Faith Goldy.

“If Andrew Scheer doesn’t clearly disavow and denounce Faith Goldy, we can only assume he’s accepting her support for the Conservative Party.”

Diversion is our greatest strength?

This isn’t about “infiltration” because the connections have already been established. But for the record, the EDA’s referred to could just as likely belong to Bernier’s PPC which has also posed as being “populist” despite its easily proven Globalist bent. (See NCA blog post

But it appears that the Liberals are also playing the game in attempting to falsely portray the Conservative party as having populist policies and support!

This very interesting video was published in January in which Faith Goldy is shown advocating for a CPC and PPC merger into a United Conservative Party!

Given the obvious and explosive growth of Populism/Nationalism in Europe, it’s of significant consequence to the Globalist status quo in North America that Populism be diverted at all costs. Hence the creation of the PPC, which is foundering, and the attempt to portray the CPC as such.

The real goal of all of this political theatre is to circumvent the success of any real Canadian Populist/Nationalist Party in getting a foothold.

Another telling example of this was a Rebel Media reporter refusing to cover the huge anti-UN Global World Order Rally that NCA Leader Stephen Garvey conducted at Winston Churchill Square in Edmonton on December 5, 2018.

Who are the real rebels here?

In the meantime Scheer and the Conservatives support Cultural Marxist doctrines like multiculturalism, mass immigration, and support Islamic radical organizations such as the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) despite Scheer’s pretence of opposing the UN Migration Compact. In the meantime neither the CPC nor PPC have any intention of mentioning UN Agendas 21 or 2030, let alone withdrawing from them. That is not part of the Globalist plan.


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