In the early morning hours of Friday October 16, 2020, NCA observed heavy metal chemical spraying over central and southeast Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The attached images of the flight pattern of a Cessna 172N Skyhawk, unregistered, shows the spraying. The weather in the morning hours was cloudy.

We assume the purpose of the geoengineering in this instance was to enhance precipitation and regardless of health and environmental impacts.

Geoengineering has been going on in Canada since the early 1970’s, and in 1975, Canada and USA signed a treaty on sharing of geoengineering information, and in the 1970’s federal legislation was passed on geoengineering to create an illusion of transparency. Those people in denial of geoengineering need to question their beliefs and sources of information.

As the increasing cancer rates show, Canada is becoming increasingly toxic, and the chemicals used in geoengineering are adding to it. The fake media and fake alternative media are complicit in this toxicity.

National Citizens Alliance as a registered federal political party supports a ban on geoengineering.

NCA Is Ready to Act on This, But We Need Your Support:

NCA as a registered federal political party is only a vehicle of the Canadian people. If we had a majority of the Canadian Parliament, we would put an immediate stop to geoengineering and many other issues. The power resides with the Canadian people.

We need the Canadian people to empower us through their activism, contributions, and votes. Without that we can only inform about what is going on. Therefore, if you are concerned, please get involved with NCA.

Every person who volunteers, becomes a member, and contributes gives us power. The more power we have the more we can do.


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