While many people are distracted by the struggle to meet their basic needs, geopolitical crisis like in the Ukraine Proxy and Gaza, and superfluous and manpulative establishment media content, there are profound changes occurring at the basic societal level that depending on your perspective are quite terrifying.

The images attached are from a 2023 Ericsson report on technology and networking trends.

Underlying the technocratic transformation is a massive twinning via real time digital replication of everything that exists in the physical world including human beings, physical objects, processes, networks.

Using digital twins, technocrats will know the history (of everything in the physical world), predict the future, and have full control of real time (present). 15 minute cities are a space for this digital twin application.

Vast amounts of data in real time update continuously to the digital twin.

The digital twin of entire smart cities have precise modeling, monitoring, and managing.

Ubiquitous connection and integrated sensing form key infrastructure of the smart city. Literally hundreds of sensors and actuators per square meter. Data rates up to gigabytes per second.

It appears the globalists are set on creating a technocratic tyranny, where every human being will be controlled in real time.


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