On the surface, the US fiat reserved currency appears strong when comparing it to a basket of other fiat currencies: Euro, British Pound, Australian and Canadian dollars, Japanese Yen, Singapore dollar, Chinese Yen, Russian Ruble…

Beneath the surface, the US fiat dollar is highly devalued compared to earlier years and compared to hard assets like gold.

The primary cause of the devaluation is monetary policy via money supply through extreme money creation. The more the dollar is created and put in circulation the more diluted the value of the dollar. Inflation.

Since 1971 and the shift of the public lending right to central banks, there has been an increasing growth in the money supply with an heightened increase during the lockdown (see image above). Was this increase according to plan or a consequence of greed and incompetence?

Currency related Inflation undeniable:

In 1980 $1.00 purchasing power would require in 2022 $29.93 equivalent, 2893% decrease in purchasing power.

In 2000 $1.00 purchasing power would require in 2022 $1.72 equivalent, 72.1% decrease in purchasing power.

In 2010 $1.00 purchasing power would require in 2022 $1.36 equivalent, 35.9% decrease in purchasing power.

1 ounce of 99.99% gold on August 3, 1970 cost $53.7 US dollar. The exact same gold ounce costs $1716.80 on July 21, 2022. In other words, the purchasing power from 1970 to 2022 has decreased by 3197%.

Critics claim that scarcity increases prices, not just money creation. Yes, but is oil, milk, eggs, wood, grains, oil, gas etc. notably scarce?

With more debt piling up, and a recession upon us or at least very close, the central banks will be forced to create even more currency, thus causing more devaluation and currency inflation.

Now you may see why hard assets retain true value, while value of fiat currencies are fleeting. And further, you know why we are very concerned at the financial mismanagement of Canada with note of the fact that the multi-controlled political establishment sold off all the country’s gold reserves (2004 to 2016) and added 99% of the debt since 1971. Yet, the many uninformed and/or misinformed still support these entities that are harming them and putting their future in peril.

At NCA we realize that many Canadians are uninformed and misinformed about the realities as indicated by their slavish obedience to the multi-controlled political establishment, which is harming them and putting their future in peril.

Therefore, all we can do at NCA is continue to raise awareness, until a critical mass is ready to reclaim the country and whatever may be left of it.

If you want to help us, please share, become a member, make tax deductible donation… obviously, with the sinister Great Reset agenda in the works, the situation is rather serious.

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