National Citizens Alliance stands in solidarity with Vaccine Choice Canada (VCC)In fact, our vaccine policy are premised on freedom of choice and big pharma accountability.

However, we are unconvinced of the success by the (VCC) lawsuit against the Government of Canada, Ontario, City of Toronto and various bureaucrats, medical officers, and the CBC over handling of the coronavirus lockdown. Although we agree absolutely with the position VCC has taken. The fundamental issue is that according to the Constitution Act of 1867, the Canadian Parliament has the overriding national political authority to make decisions that affect all Canadians.

A similar lawsuit was filed by Comer versus the Bank of Canada, regarding the corruption by central banks via the shift of the public lending right in 1974. However, the Supreme Court decided that the Canadian Parliament has the constitutional right to make decisions it thinks are in the best interests of Canadians. In other words, it is a political matter.

The same argument could be applied to the handling of the alleged pandemic in that tough, urgent political decisions need to be made to ensure public safety and well-being. Here is the statement of claim:

It should be noted that Trudeau was not acting alone. There was a reduced Parliament in session that was in unanimous support. In fact, the so-called opposition gave Trudeau unlimited spending and borrowing until September 30, 2020. National Citizens Alliance a registered federal political party was created as a vehicle of the Canadian people. All these issues come down to politics. Therefore, it is critical that all the sell outs in Ottawa be drained and replaced. It is up to the Canadian people.

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