In order to be considered for National Citizens Alliance (NCA) candidacy you must be a Canadian Citizen at least 18 years of age and become a registered party member (see “Membership” tab on the main page).

NCA candidates are not “career politicians” looking to become part of the traditional Globalist establishment that already exists in Ottawa. NCA defies the conventional notions of “left” and “right” and is instead focussed on the distinction of working towards the best interests of Canada and its citizens as a sovereign nation. We are not empty suits. In fact we don’t wear suits at all: we do not identify with the crony corporate status quo.

We are a true grassroots Populist/Nationalist Canadian political party.

NCA is looking for people who want to make a difference and are willing to commit to serving others before themselves. Our policies have been created and established by our membership, this is not a “top-down” hierarchy. But you will be required to learn NCA’s policies and be able to discuss them with constituents in a fluid manner and to participate in debates. You must like meeting new people and be able to see yourself as a teacher and leader. You do not need to have a university degree but you do need to be willing to learn and grow with the party. You need to be computer literate and be able to participate in social media. You also need to have a certain degree of financial stability and be able to take time off work when necessary in order to run your campaign and your own candidate fundraising events.

All NCA candidates are screened by members of our Executive Board including our Leader, Stephen J. Garvey.

If you are interested in becoming an NCA candidate go to the “Candidate” tab and fill in the form. You will be contacted in due course to set up a time and date for your initial interview.

National Citizens Alliance looks forward to working with and for all Canadians in the upcoming Federal 2019 Election!

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