Russia is demanding payment for gas from unfriendly countries in hard assets: Ruble or Gold. Tomorrow is the deadline, after which Russia will shut off gas to Europe. Checkmate. (Gazprom is not under sanctions…. payments in EU and US dollars to the Russian gas giant will be accepted, but then they will be converted to Rubles by the Russian banks such as Gazprom Bank not under sanctions… if the EU does not go along with this, Russia can and will shut off the gas…)

Russia’s Central Bank links the Ruble to the Russian gold reserves (as opposed to Russian US fiat currency reserves, which it is liquidating). Major event. “Russia’s Ministry of Finance also referred to gold as an “ideal alternative” to the U.S. dollar.”

The threat of the fading, irrelevant UK of seizing Russia’s gold reserves only accelerates the decline of the fiat system by undermining its credibility, and has no practicality as Russia’s gold is stored in the vaults of the Russian Central Bank, not to mention Russian gold can be rebranded so no one knows the source.

“The West is stepping up its financial sanctions against Russia and is now trying to ban Russia from selling its gold reserves. The major error is that Russia is not a seller of gold for fiat it cannot use and wants to get rid of, but a buyer. This was confirmed yesterday by Pavel Zavalny, chairman of Russia’s Congressional energy committee, who said. “When we exchange with Western countries, they should pay in hard money… And hard money is gold. Or they can pay in roubles.”

“The Western establishment sanctions have been a disaster (or according to plan) by fueling the collapse of the US reserved fiat system, and accelerating a multipolar world, whereby China, Russia, India, Brazil, and South Africa are forming a competing trade bloc to US hegemony, and they will trade in their own currencies.

Inflation is rampant in the West (7.9% US, 6.2% EU…) and only increasing. Europe is in freefall from being a stooge of the US, now faces almost half of its gas supplies shut off and continued fiat currency degradation. The timing could not be worse. Arrogance.

Meanwhile, Ukraine a stooge of the US naively and/or under orders goes full in on the Great Reset by declaring itself a digital country. Obviously, the Ukrainian people had no say in this globalist agenda being imposed on them.

The Western central banks are practically powerless to deal with inflation as the threat of a recession looms. Hard assets like gold are proving the place to be in order to protect one’s wealth.

Russia and China are locked in as they have been stockpiling gold for years (both have around 2000 metric tons or more… some estimates have Russia at 12,000 metric tons and China over 20,000 metric tons), and look for China to start divesting US and EU currencies… in contrast as an example, Canada did the reverse selling off all of its gold reserves, such is the failed globalist establishment in Canada.

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