Few Canadians have a real sense of how prevalent the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) influence is on our political and business landscape. And it only appears to be growing.

The recent debates about the origins of the coronavirus and the arrest of a prominent Huawei executive along with Canadians jailed in China have perhaps led many people to believe that there is a diplomatic and/or economic rift between our country and China, however nothing could be farther from the truth.

The Canada-China Legislative Association was created in 1998 under PM Jean Chretien who has maintained very close ties with China until this day as a member of the Privy Council.

Perhaps people in 1997 missed the significance of the Liberal Party’s platform being enshrined in a 112-page “Red Book” which touts:

“Canada is a democratic society that affirms and supports its shared values of generosity, fairness, compassion, and respect for diversity.”


The “Red Book” was largely drafted by then Finance Minister Paul Martin who would go on to become PM in 2004. In a rare glimpse of sincerity he privately declared “Don’t tell me about the Red Book, I wrote the damn thing, and I know that it is a lot of crap!” (Jeffrey, Brooke Divided Loyalties: The Liberal Party of Canada, 1984-2008, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2010 page 265).

In hindsight, it likely escaped most Canadians just how “red” our future would become, endorsed by all of the major political parties represented in Parliament with little or no explanation to Canadian voters.

“The Canada-China Legislative Association (CACN) was approved by both Houses of Parliament in early October 1998. Its first Annual General Meeting was held on October 27, 1998; a constitution and its rules of operations were adopted. The Executive committee is composed of two Co-Chairs and eight Vice-Chairs representing all officially recognized parties and both Houses. Since its foundation, the Association has visited most provinces in China, hosted a number of Chinese delegations visiting Canada and worked with diplomats to further develop the relationship between both countries.”

The Parliament of Canada website states “The Canadian Group of the Canada-China Legislative Association (CACN) provides a forum for the discussion of bilateral and multilateral challenges facing the two countries and the Asia-Pacific region. It promotes the exchange of information between Canadian parliamentarians, representatives of the National Peoples’ Congress of the Peoples’ Republic of China and diplomats posted in China and in Canada. A key component of CACN activities consists of annual bilateral meetings between Canadian federal parliamentarians and their counterparts from the National People’s Congress. The Association also participates in annual multilateral regional meetings such the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF) and the General Assembly of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA).”


These are the current members.

As an aside, we noted that Liberal MP Ron McKinnon, the alleged sponsor of a recent anti-5G petition (that was never presented to Parliament) is a member of this Association.

Note further, there is no mention of China’s extreme top-down bureaucracy, 24/7 AI surveillance or it’s draconian “social credit” system that even further restricts the travel or activities of those Chinese the system deems to be disobedient to the regime.

China: Draconian Technocracy

China: Draconian Surveillance Technocracy Want to know what is in store for Canada and the rest of the West: just look to China says David Icke who exposed UN Agenda 21, which Mulroney and the Conservative Party adopted for Canada. Canadian people are facing the prospect of losing 40 percent of their jobs through AI, and yet the LibCon Establishment continues to flood in growing numbers immigrants and migrants into Canada. In 2019, the LibCon Establishment projected for 1,087,621 migrants through all streams, and in 2015, it was around 730,000.Under Haper, a billion of Canadian tax dollars was poured into the Canadian surveillance system. Whether it is Lib or Con, Canadians are subject to mass dragnet surveillance. In regard to the corona virus, we see establishment governments shutting down countries, when only a minority of the populations are impacted significantly by the virus. National Citizens Alliance stands in full opposition the LibCon Establishment and its globalist agenda. NCA supports moratorium on immigration and migration into Canada, and tough screening so that we don't need mass surveillance by government of the people it is suppose to serve. Mass immigration and mass migration is feeding the need for surveillance, police state in Canada. https://www.nationalcitizensalliance.ca/

Posted by National Citizens Alliance on Friday, March 20, 2020

What is of significance to Canadians is how our system is now placing heavy restrictions on our mobility, the clandestine installation of more cell towers and 5G small cells, so-called temperature cameras that are capable of facial recognition, and “contact tracing” applications being installed on cell phones, often without the permission of the owner of the phone. Some people are knowingly downloading these apps after being sold on the notion that it’s “for their own good”. So-called “social distancing” while wearing a face mask is being used to train AI algorithms for facial recognition, while create social precedents.

We have already witnessed the imposition of legislation restricting our rights to free speech (eg. M-103, and “hate speech” legislation) and regular mainstream media editorials accusing anyone who values Canadian sovereignty or nationalism or questions mass immigration/mass migration as a “white nationalist” “white supremacist” “racist” “far-right” or “extreme right”.

Make no mistake, these initiatives are endorsed by ALL the mainstream political parties. Once MP’s have been inducted and indoctrinated by this system any pretense to individual opinion is muzzled. They are told what to vote for in Parliament and, like Mr. McKinnon, uphold the status quo over the voices of constituents and independent science.

It was the Chretien government that was responsible for burying a joint RCMP/CSIS security report “Operation Sidewinder” that caused even fewer Canadians to hear of the report. It documented over 3,500 CCP agents active in Canadian politics, real estate, investment and business as a threat to Canada’s national security.


You may also want to read this article that further connects the dots to the Desmarais “Power Corp.”, former PM Paul Martin, the notorious Maurice Strong (who died in China), the UN, and other players who have been generously donating billions of our tax dollars to the CCP regime while it virtually buys out our country.


The only real voice of opposition to this sell-out is National Citizens Alliance.

Become a Member and Donate today to take our country back. Canadians cannot afford to let the status quo/mainstream establishment continue to take us down this globalist NWO path.


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