July 1st, 2020. Canada Day. A number of social media accounts were posting videos of a crowd gathered on Parliament Hill in Ottawa to purportedly rally for Canadian rights and freedoms.

However, according to one independent source numbers were wildly exaggerated (claims of 10,000 when only 1,000 or less), and there were quite a variety of groups representing a plethora of special interests.

We think it is great that some people were motivated to come out due to concern for the state of Canada.

Apparently there was a large contingent of people carrying Quebec flags who set up in a separate area who briefly joined the central group, then returned to their initial staging area.

Our correspondent spoke to self-styled militia people espousing armed rebellion, “Flat Earthers”, “Q” adherents, and observed a contingent who declared their intentions to march to the U.S. Embassy to symbolize the service of documents indicting Justin Trudeau for corruption under the recently ratified USMCA (United States/Mexico/Canada) trade agreement.

Some earnest fact-checking is in order as this is quite an extravagant claim of indictment by someone, Norman Traversy, the super majority of people have never heard of, but has been promoted by the same mob Conservative Party shills that conducted a truck convoy to Ottawa from the Prairies last year. These same people infiltrated the short-lived “yellow vest” movement and hijacked that for the so-called Conservative Party as well (all the while claiming to be non-political!)

So who is Norman Traversy, the front person of this symbolic march to the U.S. Embassy?

From his own website that sprang up last fall, he’s a retired firefighter and former Canadian Forces member with no legal training or experience. Yet, he was suddenly being hailed as a patriotic hero because he allegedly “filed criminal corruption charges” against Trudeau in a private legal complaint late last year.

However, if you take the time to look at the document that was filed, it was an application for a hearing before a Justice of the Peace for the Crown to lay a charge. And the name of the complainant was one Gary McHale, not Norman Traversy.

The matter was raised before a Justice of the Peace on November 4, 2019. The Crown moved to stay the complaint on the basis that in its estimation there was no possibility of obtaining a conviction. Traversy and McHale have stated that they would appeal, however no appeal has been forthcoming after nearly 8 months. They seem to switch back and forth from a narrative that the Crown is entitled to stay actions prior to a hearing, and then claim it’s not.

The social media accounts of the mob Conservative shills were silent on this point.

Interestingly, this “new” USMCA complaint had a ready-made cheering section even before anyone in the crowd was able to read it, and it’s dubious how many have actually read the USMCA. A lot seems to be riding on a mob mentality.

People have a right to be skeptical and examine the evidence for themselves, and this is something that National Citizens Alliance encourages. There is far too much spin, misinformation, misdirection in the public forum. 

There also seems to be some confusion about who exactly was “served” with these documents on Canada Day as the U.S. Embassy was closed for the day. Apparently, the papers were filed electronically. To date nothing has been posted to show that these were acknowledged by either the American Embassy or the Mexican government.

Now there are claims that “Q” saw them…

The USMCA trade agreement is a partnership agreement between the three countries as Parties to it. It contains no provision for private persons to lodge complaints alleging infractions, and the provisions for settlements take place in arbitration settings behind closed doors. It contains many of the same clauses as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which allows foreign countries to sue the Canadian government for interfering with corporate business. So the claims of Norman Traversy are either lies or delusion of grandeur. 

In response, Norman Traversy made the statement that “tariffs could be imposed” on Canada to somehow cover for his grandiose claims. Now who in their right mind would invite foreign countries to impose tariffs on Canada, which is obviously another fabrication? This is supposed to be “patriotic”?

As alluded, this statement is quite the departure from assertions that his complaint would result in Justin Trudeau being removed from office.

From an objective political science viewpoint the line between the two major establishment political parties in Canada has become increasingly blurred since both are firmly behind multilateralism, globalism, and the “liberal international order”. But it looks like mob Conservative shills insist on pretending that a line of tangible difference still exists and refuse to acknowledge that Trudeau is the symptom, not the cause of our present political and economic problems. They try to present a false equivalence between “patriotism” and the so-called Conservative Party and “conservative” (which has lost any connection to political reality). Anyone who objects is “a Liberal”.

In the next breath they will tell you that they want to unite the country — but only under the so-called Conservative Party banner of course.

This was the same tag line that was used during this group’s truck convoy, which appears to have been a road trip that netted nothing in the way of tangible benefits to Canadians while providing an all-expense-paid holiday for the participants.

Do we have to remind people that it was Mulroney who adopted UN Agenda 21 in 1992, and it was Harper who adopted UN Agenda 2030 in 2015. It was also Harper who embraced Globalism at the G20 and told Canadians to give up their economic (and other) sovereignty and “if you don’t like it that’s just too bad”.

Meanwhile, Mulroney, Harper and other ex-PM cohorts are pulling the strings behind the Queen’s Privy Council, which is a hotbed of corruption and so-called Liberal and Conservative collusion. Recall that the former Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick resigned shortly following the SNC Lavalin scandal and before the October 2019 election, and that Harper went to India to appease Modi upon the request of the Trudeau regime. 

So while the mob Conservative shills continue to rant about Trudeau’s dictatorship (which the so-called Conservative Party aided by suspending normal Parliamentary activity and giving Trudeau unlimited spending and borrowing until September 30, 2020), they conveniently ignore that Stephen Harper was voted out in 2015 for being a dictator and globalist sell out.

Their self-righteousness, polarization, intolerance, and autocracy are just as pernicious as the “other guys”.

It is important to remember as mentioned that Trudeau is a symptom rather than the cause. Anyone who claims that Trudeau is the cause is actually part of the problem. 


The quote below lays out Norman Traversy’s claims, which make Trudeau the cause rather than the symptom:

“We feel there have been grave injustices done to the Citizens of Canada, by SNC-Lavalin; with the support and collusion of the Justin Trudeau government.

We also believe that Justin Trudeau has attempted to cover this up.

To rectify this, Norman Traversy filed a Private Prosecution against the ring leader, Justin P. J. Trudeau, as is his right as a free-born Canadian. He did this to protect and enforce his rights and the rights of his fellow Canadians.

This was a notice given to the informant, not to Trudeau, that his complaint (whatever it was) would be heard before a Justice of the Peace. The date was changed to November 4, 2019. But this was posted on social media as if it was the actual charge. Anyone can do this. Whether it’s accepted by a Justice of the Peace is a different story.

Now it’s a case of McHale vs. Trudeau with no explanation of why the switch of Appellants. He mentions something about a previous Appeal with no links or evidence of what it was about. And of course Rebel Media with ties to Globalist Koch Brother takes advantage of the situation to shill for the mob Conservative fake opposition.

All we have to go on is a statement:

“My win at the Court of Appeal is the standard quoted in courts across Canada on private prosecutions.”

No citations provided for reference.


In the meantime this is what the guidance for the law actually states:

“To avoid any abuse of the private prosecution process, the Criminal Code and the Crown Attorneys Act authorize Crown Counsel to supervise privately laid charges to ensure that such prosecutions are in the best interest of the administration of justice.  If a summons or warrant is issued and the case involves an indictable offence, the Crown is required to take over the prosecution.  So, a private citizen’s right to swear an information is always subject to the Crown’s right to intervene and take over the prosecution.

If the judge or justice of the peace decides not to issue a summons or a warrant, then the information is deemed never to have been laid.”


This is the letter pertaining to the USMCA claims that was allegedly faxed and emailed to the American and Mexican governments.


So far from ousting Trudeau as PM, which seemed to be the prevailing theme from so-called “grassroots” mob conservative shills:

“But that’s not why we’re here today. We’re here today, because on Dominion Day, July 1st, the USMCA [United States-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement] comes into effect … Now section 27 of that trade agreement states that all three co-signers must address address corruption in their countries. If they do not address the corruption in their countries, tariffs can be laid.”


Here is the relevant section of the USMCA agreement. You’ll notice there are no punitive actions covered by this section. And it’s the remit of the “Party” (ie. the country) involved, with no provision for criminal or other charges or sanctions being involved.

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