The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has issued regulatory limits on EMF exposure for the general public and workers. ICNIRP’s 1998 guidelines have been adopted by most of the countries in the world today. But these limits only take into account the thermal effects of EMF and dismiss/ignore independent. research on the biological effects of EMF exposure

Here we’re going to focus on a medical group known as The Building Biology. They have arrived at limits after extensive scientific research of thermal, non-thermal, chronic exposure, and biological effects carried out by health experts from across the world.

On comparing these limits with those prescribed by the ICNIRP, it can be seen that the limits prescribed by the medical bodies are incredibly lower than those of the ICNIRP which is predictably controlled by the telecommunication industry.

Scientific research on EMF exposure-related biological effects began as early as the 1940s but began to accumulate more rapidly in the early 2000s. Numerous adverse health conditions such as cancer, infertility, damage to the auditory system, alteration of blood cells and blood flow, mental, cognitive and sleep disorders, and impaired childhood development have been documented.

For reference this chart shows the frequencies and their year of deployment:

This chart shows the exposure thermal limits from EMF sources adopted by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNRP). (These limits are designed to protect the telecommunication industry, not to mention non-thermal EMF radiation impacts are completely ignored):

These information shows the limits that The Building Biology have established based upon thousands of independent research studies:

The Building Biology Standard takes into account the physical, chemical and biological hazards present in places where people work, live and sleep. It considers the influence of various factors such as different electric fields, magnetic fields, waves and radiation.

1) Extreme Concern: The values categorized under extreme concern require an immediate attention and swift correction. Short term exposures to radiation under this category will cause problems like headache, nausea, dizziness while long term exposures can lead to more serious diseases including cancer, blood and organ disorder, severe oxidative stress, and cell death. 

2) Severe Concern: The radiation values coming under this category are tagged as unacceptable from the point of view of building biology and they must be addressed. These values are unnatural for human beings. Chronic exposures to these radiation levels can sow the seeds of future health diseases.

3) Slight Concern: This is a precautionary category as radiation levels categorized under slight concern can affect sensitive population like pregnant women, small children and unhealthy people.

4) No Concern: This category ensures that the radiation levels are safe and will not cause any health hazard. The radiation levels in upper range of this category signify the background radiation level of our modern living environment which is inevitable in the current society.

In the case of RF EMR, the quantity to be measured is power density in the units of μW/m2 and peak signal V/m. Power densities (in μW/m2) less than 0.1 indicate no concern, between 0.1 and 10 indicate slight concern, 10 – 1000 indicate severe concern and values greater than 1000 indicate extreme concern. Peak signal in (V/m) (less than 0.50) minimal non-thermal adverse health effects, equal to and greater than 0.50 adverse health effects… the higher the peak signal the more adverse health effects.

The BioInitiative report is the work of renowned health professionals and many scientists on the potential hazards of exposure to EMR arising from the use of wireless technologies. The first edition of the BioInitiative report was released in 2007 and then updated in 2012. This report includes an extensive documentation of adverse biological health effects on both general and sensitive populations because of exposure to EMR. Their focus is primarily on chronic exposure to low frequency, extremely low frequency and radio frequency EMR fields.

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Successive governments have sold us out to the Telcom industry so that they can locate whatever equipment they want wherever they want with no concern for our well-being.

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