Three-pronged cellular antenna tower in close proximity to commercial and residential areas, including elementary school in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This deployment of cellular technology in Calgary, Alberta Canada is an example of how communities was disempowered, bypassed, pushed aside despite serious health concerns.

The issue started when a cellular tower was sneaked in just under height requirement for public consent:

As shown in the photo below, the single tower has expanded to a three-pronged antenna tower, and in close proximity to another antenna tower:

This three-pronged tower represents the Canadian cellular oligarchy: Bell, Telus, and Rogers.

This antenna tower is less than a block away from the other cell tower. According to locals, these towers are frequently being worked on by the telecommunication industry.

National Citizens Alliance was alerted to this issue from a concerned local citizen who approached us with concerns about potential serious EMF radiation from these towers. In the coming days, NCA will do EMF meter readings determine the level of EMF radiation emanating from these towers.

As shown in the link below, the deployment of cellular technology including 5G is top-down out of Ottawa. The deployment of 5G has been rigged in favour of the telecommunication industry and at the expense of the health and well-being of communities:

In the image below is the response from telecommunication consultant, which shows the arrogance and the extend of the rigged system. As a side note, Alcatel-Lucent is “a global telecommunications consultant with ties to Nokia: “A heritage of innovation and dedication to customer success has made ALE an essential provider of enterprise networking, communications and services to over 830,000 customers worldwide. With global reach and local focus, our 2200+ employees and 2900+ partners serve across more than 50 countries marketed under the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise brand. We achieve this through digital transformation tailored to your organization. We integrate systems, deploy analytics, and leverage mobility and the Internet of Things through innovative new business models to lay the foundations for all future innovations. __ The Alcatel-Lucent name and logo are trademarks of Nokia used under license by ALE.”

The important lessen from this example is that the system is rigged against communities and the people, and that it is rooted in federal politics.

The solution therefore must be political. National Citizens Alliance as a registered federal party was created as a vehicle of the people to drain and replace with the purpose of implementing policy that is in the best interest of the Canadian people. As it stands, NCA supports an immediate moratorium on 5G deployment and an update to Safety Code 6 that will hold the telecommunication industry liable for any harm it causes to the Canadian people.

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