A funny thing happened when National Citizens Alliance decided to enter the Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival Parade at the end of May last year. This interesting social media advertisement tells us what it’s all about:

Local culture doesn’t apparently include anybody talking about Canadian heritage and culture!

It’s not exactly cheap to register as a parade entrant: it’s a cool $300 a pop commitment, but that’s the kind of thing a new political party like National Citizens Alliance decided to do to bring awareness to Canadians.

As it turns out, some people of other political stripes didn’t agree with our Nationalist/Populist message celebrating Canada’s heritage, culture and traditions, because this was manifest in a “Press Release” issued by the Festival Board of Directors the day after the event:

“It has come to our attention that a group participating in the parade was using the Grand Street Parade, which is a family-friendly event, to spread inappropriate political messages in the realm of what the Festival Board of Directors and many public attendees consider hate speech.

The Festival does permit political parties to enter in the parade and many have done so annually, although the Festival does not align with or support one individual political party. A parade application must be submitted with a detailed description of the entry to attempt to eradicate potential problems such as this and political parties may be present, but they are not to use the parade as a platform to announce their political views. Nowhere on the application of the aforementioned entry did it mention that this entry was representing or aligned with a group with such malicious viewpoints. The Festival wishes to assure the public that based on the actions of this particular political party this year, the Board of Directors has banned this group from ever participating in any Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival events and encourages other local, and national events and festivals to do the same.

On behalf of the Festival, we apologize for anyone who may have felt unsafe at the Grand Street Parade because of this political party’s attendance and derogatory messaging. In future years, we will strive to ensure that parade attendees will not have to endure a situation similar to that which was present this year. Our Festival strives to be inclusive, as apparent with drastic changes to our leadership competition, and is dedicated to reconciliation. The Annapolis Valley and the Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival absolutely must be a safe place for all.”


“Hate speech”? “Malicious viewpoints”? “…banned this group… and encourages other(s)…to do the same” “while striving to be inclusive”.

It seems that one need only make an accusation these days without providing any evidence. What’s worse is that the accusers expect to be able to get away with these propaganda tactics without being challenged to substantiate their allegations.

Interestingly National Citizens Alliance is not mentioned by name, and no direct emails or contact was made with NCA in the aftermath of the event to discuss any issues before the Festival Directors decided to conduct a public PR stunt.

What did occur, however, was NCA Leader Stephen J. Garvey being contacted by various national news outlets following the event. What did he say that was so outrageous? In a nutshell “”What’s wrong with saying you love Canada by saying that you love the Canadian people, you love our identity, our heritage, our culture? What is wrong with saying that? I don’t understand how that can be construed as hate speech,” he said.”

It appears that the local Liberal MP who attended the parade was offended that someone was challenging the official government narrative that Canada has no identity or culture or heritage: that would be Scott Brison who began his political career as a Progressive Conservative in 1997 but crossed the floor to the Liberals in 2003. According to his bio. he served as the Minister of Public Works and Government Services from 2004 until 2006 in the Paul Martin government. He was President of the Treasury Board of Canada in Justin Trudeau’s regime until January 2019.

Brison, a former investment banker, was also a top shill for the UN’s Globalist “Open Government” agenda as seen in this October 2018 Government of Canada press release https://www.canada.ca/en/treasury-board-secretariat/news/2018/10/canada-begins-its-year-of-leading-the-international-open-government-partnership.html

This years Open Government Partnership Global(ist) Summitt will be taking place in Ottawa on the same dates as this years Apple Blossom Festival. https://www.opengovpartnership.org/events/ogp-global-summit-2019-ottawa-canada?fbclid=IwAR0G0c8akTLZvkKPDpuXYo4KqxrJO8p54XuySQdQCo4TUfMEluwpHahUOGs

This gathering would more accurately be called the “Open Borders” Summit.

Brison is now vice-chair of investment and corporate banking at the Bank of Montreal which coincidentally sponsors the Apple Blossom Festival.

It really came as no surprise that when National Citizens Alliance submitted an application to participate in this year’s parade it was rejected with the following canned response: “Entries must be entertaining to a family audience. No entry may depict anything derogatory, controversial or otherwise offensive, or distribute literature, pamphlets, leaflets, brochures, flyers or any other written or printed items without express permission of the AVABF. The Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival Board of Directors hold the sole authority to reject any parade entry requests if they do not feel as though an entry accurately reflect the values of the Fesitval.”

Upon further inquiry, the Festival’s president, Logan Morse was unable to substantiate what was “derogatory, controversial or offensive” about NCA’s prior participation and instead cited that “some people” were bothered by the use of a megaphone at last year’s event. We had already stated that we had no plans to use a megaphone this year and would be doing what the other political parties at the parade would be doing: carrying our party banner which is front and centre on our website and social media platforms.


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