These satellites equipped with four powerful antennas as shown in the images attached will connect to millions of small cell antennas. The earth itself will become an extreme blanketed EMF radiation zone. According to independent science, the health impacts on human beings, animals, birds, insects, bees, trees will be severe. For example, the EMF radiation disrupts the migratory patterns of birds, worker bees do not return to the hive, and there are severe biological effects on human beings including severe oxidative stress, cancer, blood and organ disorders, and cell death. 

NCA has compiled a lot of the independent science:

As June 13, 2020, there are 538 of these satellites orbiting earth.

“SpaceX  has launched its latest batch of Starlink satellites, growing the constellation by another 58 spacecraft just 10 days after its most recent Starlink launch. That brings the total number of operational Starlink broadband internet satellites on orbit to 538. SpaceX also split the payload for this Starlink mission for the first time, giving up two of its usual Starlink payload complement in order to also carry three Planet Skysat spacecraft on behalf of that client.”

Application to FCC for 30,000 of these Satellites

“ON MAY 26, SPACEX FILED an application with the Federal Communications Commission for 30,000 “next-generation” (“Gen2”) satellites. They will orbit at between 328 km (203 miles) and 614 km (380 miles) in altitude. They will use frequencies from 10.7 GHz to 86 GHz. They will aim focused beams that will cover the Earth in a mosaic of overlapping cells, each cell being about 8 kilometers in diameter.

The databases filed with the FCC by SpaceX indicate that 40,700 1-MHz channels are available to each satellite, and that a minimum of 7.8125 MHz of spectrum is needed for each user, if I am interpreting them correctly. Which means the Gen2 Starlink satellites could be capable of serving up to 150 million Internet users at the same time.

This is not a good thing.”

FCC Approves 1 Million Small Cell Antennas

“The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has authorized SpaceX to begin rolling out as many as 1 million of the ground antenna the company will need to connect users to its Starlink satellite internet network. Starlink is SpaceX’s plan to build an interconnected network, or “constellation,” of about 12,000 small satellites, to provide high-speed internet to anywhere in the world. The company has launched 360 Starlink satellites in the past year.”

National Citizens Alliance supports an immediate moratorium on 5G deployment in order to address the potentially serious health and privacy concerns. In addition, we support an update to Safety Code 6 in line with the BioInitiative 2012 and the Standard of Building Biology Measurement Technique version 2015 (SBM-2015).

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